• Identifying and Interfacing with potential partners, buyers, collaborators and investors, for Indian and Saudi companies and entrepreneurs.
  • Drafting of typical joint-venture agreements.
  • Interface meetings with government officials/industrialists
  • Co-ordinating meetings with trade development missions
  • Organizing summits, conventions and other meetings on national and bi-national issues.
  • Participating in exhibitions and trade fairs.
  • Market demand studies and data collection.
  • Conceiving and designing corporate image building events and media interface
  • IMECC will lead regular business and trade development missions to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In addition

  • Provides a business support service for Saudi Businessmen in India.
  • Arrange learning programmers on topical bilateral issues.

Other Benefits

  • Discounts on Hotels and Airlines
  • IMECC will offer guidance on business center, conference and hotel facilities at concessional rates in India and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Legal experts will be arranged if necessary for any complex legal matter at optimal charges.

Exports By India

The major items exported by India include basmati/non-basmati rice, tea, manmade yarn, fabrics, made ups, cotton yarn, primary & semi-finished iron and steel, chemicals, plastic & linoleum products, machinery and instruments.

Imports By India

The major items imported by India, apart from crude oil, include organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, artificial resin, plastic materials, sulphur, iron pyrites, pulp and waste paper, ores and metal scrap, coal, coke and briquettes, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals.

India’s Trade Relations With Saudi Arabia

India has substantial trade relations with Saudi Arabia in the non-crude sector also and sees the Kingdom as an important economic partner in respect of investments, joint ventures, transfer of technology projects and joint projects in third countries. Saudi Arabia also considers India an important trading partner and is interested in attracting Indian investors to the Kingdom in a big way.

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